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Saldo Consulting Accounting, Taxation and Business Consulting Ltd is 100 percent owned by Hungarian private individuals.

The owners of the company have high level specialised knowledge in accounting, taxation, qualify as certified public auditor and speak English fluently. We have more than 10 years professional experience both in providing advisory services to businesses and also in taking part in the leadership of the enterprises? accounting and taxation activities.

Due to our work that we performed for several years in the field of accounting and taxation, we gained exceptional professional experience and knowledge in the provision of taxation and accounting advisory services. Our tax advisory services cover all types of taxes including Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax and the related taxation of benefits-in-kind, Corporate Income Tax, Local Taxes and Stamp Duty.

In addition to our continuous accounting, tax, business and legal advisory services provided to our clients - aiming to be in compliance with the legal requirements - we also assist to our clients in the determination of the correct taxation and accounting treatment of different transactions. In order to minimise tax risks, before a tax authority audit, we often perform a tax review regarding the compay?s transactions. In addition, we also assist during the tax procedures.

We provide complex and/or ad-hoc accounting, tax advisory, audit and legal advisory services mainly to Hungarian and multinational small or medium-sized enterprises.

  • Provision of accounting and tax compliance services, preparation of Annual Reports according to the Hungarian legislation
  • Providing Payroll Services
  • Tax advisory services
  • Providing other related services
  • Providing legal services by our associated law office

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